Today, there are technologically advanced options that enable your pool to use far less energy and save you money, starting with highly efficient variable-speed pool pumps.

Variable-speed pumps run at up to eight different speeds, adjusting energy usage to the pool’s needs at different points in the cycle. This adjustment adds up, to say the least. How big is the difference? Variable-speed pumps are known to cut energy use up to 90 percent.

Variable-speed pumps can also be run for much longer, even for 24 hours per day, and still save thousands in energy costs. They also run much more quietly, allowing for overnight use without too much noise.

The new Jandy® Pro Series VS PlusHP variable-speed pump offers high performance in a compact size, making it an excellent choice for both new construction and renovation projects. Other applications include in-floor cleaning systems, spa-jet boosters, and solar energy heating systems, particularly for small equipment areas.

Pool-friendly features include:

  • ENERGY STAR certification enables savings of up to 90 percent on energy costs
  • Compliance with energy-efficiency standards such CA-Title 20 and ANSI/APSP-15 qualifies home owners for energy company rebates where available
  • Up to 70 percent quieter operation than single-speed pumps for a more enjoyable poolside experience
  • Oversized strainer basket holds up to 40% more debris, delivering more consistent flow even under real-world, heavily loaded conditions

To see if the VS PlusHP can save you even more money through utility rebates, click here.